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How we do it

Hammock Camping

Sleeping in tents on the ground is good in areas where the land is flat and open, and the wind can be a huge problem. Everywhere else the hammock beats the tent hands down. In the jungle, where there are a myriad crawling critters, and the ground is entwined with roots, the hammock is the default shelter. It keeps you clean, dry, and comfortable. I started using hammocks about 18 years ago. My first hammock was a military-issued piece of canvas that was as heavy as a tent. I then made my own mediocre hammock that I used until I came across the Hennessy Hammocks, which were great then, and still are the preferred sheltered on our expeditions. If you would like to learn more about hammock camping, check out the Hammock Forums, a great community of hammock enthusiasts.

Our Difference

We don’t pretend to be better than everybody else. We’re just different! Ultimately, what we do is organize trekking expeditions like many other outfitters in the world. We just happen to do it in the tropical jungle.
All of our treks start with a minimum of 3 days/2 nights, and most require a minimum of 4 participants. If you’re a solo hiker or just have one traveling companion, no problem, pick a trip from our Expeditions menu and fill out the contact form, or shoot us an email at contact (@) We can organize a private trek or we can pencil in your name on our trip roster and let you know when we reach the minimum of participants and how to proceed with payment.
Please look at our treks as templates. We can customize virtually any destination at almost any time of the year. If you already have a group of four people wanting to go on a trekking expedition, we can tailor the trip to your convenience.

If you are joining a pre-existing group, we will want to get you in touch with the rest of the party. We’d like to establish communication between all of the participants as early as possible to create a sense of community. We want to know about you, where you’re from, and what entices you about our expeditions, and we want you to know us. Please don’t be shy about asking any questions. That’s the easiest way to begin preparing for your trek.