Exploring our living jungles from within…

Welcome to Jungle Treks! ┬áSimply put, we conduct trekking expeditions in Panama and other tropical environs. But it’s much more than merely designing hiking trips in the rainforest. We believe in using our treks as conduits to reveal our tropical wonders and take nature one step closer to the human heart. There’s nothing quite like falling asleep after a long journey by foot, perfectly dry and cozy in your hammock, seduced by the sounds of this breathing planet, whether those sounds come in the way of jungle creatures, gurgling waterfalls, or distant thunder storms.

We are convinced that this is a great way to rekindle our connection with the Earth. It is not the only way, and it’s not for everybody, but it is the path we’ve chosen for ourselves. If you think you share that passion with us, whether you already are a seasoned trekker in other world regions or a beginner backpacker taking your first steps in this new hobby, just come and become a member of our family of jungle trekkers. I suspect you’re going to have a captivating insight into a world of wonders.


Rick Morales