Highlands Lodge to Lodge Expedition

Next Trek, January 8th! 5 days / 4 nights  

Certified Wilderness Guide – Central & South America

The Jungle Specialization (JUN), is designed for Wilderness Guides and enthusiasts, wishing to operate in the jungle, and/or wishing to learn more about the jungle and how to safely operate in this environment for personal interests, or in preparation of a backpacking trip.

Camino Real Trek

Another Panamanian epic journey: The Camino Real, a path used in the 17th and 18th centuries by Spaniards to transfer silver, gold and other treasures from Peru to Spain, was the first thoroughfare that connected the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and marked the beginning of Panama as a crossroads of the world.

Darien Gap Expedition

Explore the inside of one of Central America’s most fabled regions, the Darien. With its exuberant rainforests, endless meandering rivers, and its local people, here is an expedition of a lifetime. We can customize virtually any itinerary, based on the number of participants.